Binah: Elaboration Two - Iteration Plan


Iteration: Elaboration Two, Ending 28 April 2003

Story (Use Case) To do (Ideal Hours)
View Acquisition or Release of Locks on Interesting Classes Complete
Navigate Execution Display Complete

Rationale for the Selection of Use Cases for Elaboration Two.

For the second elaboration phase, we elected two extend coverage to the graphical subsystem to acheive near-complete coverage, and to implement a user-interaction facility to provide a reasonable level of utlilty.

First, the View Acquisition or Release of Locks on Objects of Interesting Classes provides functionality which spans the full scope of the project, from a target-program triggering an event to the visual display of the event.

In addition, the Navigate Execution Display use case allows increased end-user utility as well as extending functionality to user interaction, which was one of the few remaining dark areas of functional scope.

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