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Version: Inception [05 Mar 2003]

Risk List

This page covers the unmitigated risks in the Binah project.
A list of unmitigated risks in the Binah project
Description Priority Impact Mitigation Plan Responsibility
Integration with the Eclipse editor as a debug plug-in carries significant schedule risk, and some functionality risk.
High An Eclipse debug plug-in would depend on the org.eclipse.debug.* packages, rather than Sun's JDI interface. Since the Eclipse packages appear to be wrappers around JDI, there may be unexposed functionality that the System requires.
Additionally, while the JDI interface is well documented and relatively stable, the Eclipse debug interface is under active development and is probably less stable.
The System could be implemented as a "view" plug-in with no interaction with the Eclipse debug functionality, relying instead directly on the JDI. This would mean reduced Eclipse integration. Unassigned
The process of tracing the execution, either with real-time visualization or writing to the file system, may cause such burden as to make the Target Program unusable, especially if it has a user-interface component. Low May make the System unusable with some Target Programs. The System has control over the events it chooses to listen to at any time, so we may be able to modulate the impact based on System settings. As with all optimization tasks, this will be postponed until the means of tracing the application is better understood.
"Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -- Donald Knuth.
The sheer amount of information generated by tracing a running application may make the System unusable, or require too much file system space. Medium Some Target Programs may be only watched in real-time, because the resulting trace logs would be too cumbersome. The format for storing the information must be designed with several criteria in mind, including ease of development. There is the possiblity of using common command-line compression tools such as bzip or compress to compress the resulting files. The Java libraries may offer sufficient tools to ameliorate the risk. Unassigned
The layout of displayed Software Entities within the three-space is a complex task. There are several competing constraints, such as sufficient distance to allow visual distinction or minimizing the distance of connecting edges. The algorithm for layout may also need to change with user preferences or task. Medium An inappropriate layout algorithm may produce an illegible display, rendering the System unusable. Research is required to find available algorithms, or toolkits to reduce the complexity of the task. Unassigned
The utility of the System to the end user will depend on a successful, intutive display of information relevent to the debugging of concurrency issues. Although several possible displays are being considered, the exact form of this display has yet to be determined. Medium Reduction of the utility of the System to the Users. Ultimately, failure of the Vision. Review previous visualization projects and available literature to better understand what types of visualization tools are found to be most useful to users.
Review previous work on multi-threaded debugging tools.

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