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02 Mar 2003. 9:04pm. Project meeting at noon till about 1:15pm. Came up with the thread-cylinder look for the time-as-z-axis view.
24 Feb 2003. 4:48pm. Met with Prof Leavens to sanity check the feasibilty of the project and get some advice about determining use cases. We agreed to speak with University students and professors who may be doing concurrent Java development to get a wider view of the problem.
24 Feb 2003. 3:58pm. Updated the literature page to include the best papers I've found so far.
23 Feb 2003. 6:00pm. Met with team for about two hours. Attempted to narrow the vision and determine some use cases, although we didn't make much progress.
09 Feb 2003. 11:52am. Writing final HTML for project vision. Stealing shamelessly from the formatting and structure of the example project. Remembering how much I dislike HTML as a medium.
08 Feb 2003. 4:23pm. Found an interesting project idea. I'm relatively convinced that it's of reasonable scope, has actual utility (at least some) and should be quite fun to work on.

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