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Binah -- This project. See the Project Vision. The word Binah, the third Sefria of the Kabbalah, means, roughly, "understanding or wisdom gained through analytic observation."

Deadlock -- A situation that arises in parallel execution when a circular chain of threads are each blocking on a resource held by another. Since Java has no automatic Deadlock detection mechanism, such a situation generally leads to a locked state.

Instrumentation -- The addition of trace-specific code into an application to allow additional behaviors to be known.

Race Condition -- A situation where shared data has been concurrently modified in such a way as to corrupt it.

Java 3D API -- A Java API supporting rendering and manipulating 3D objects and virtual environments.

Java Debug Interface -- A high-level Java API providing support for remote debugging. One of three APIs in the JPDA

Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface -- an experimental Java API for writing native-code profiling tools. No apparent changes since Java 1.2.

JPDA -- see Java Plataform Debugger Architecture.

Java Plataform Debugger Architecture -- a set of APIs for the development of debugging tools. See Java Debug Interface and [] JPDA Overview.

JVMPI -- see Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface.

Software Entity -- A piece of an executing software program, such as an object instance, a method, or a thread.

Software Visualization -- The general discipline using typography, graphics and animation techniques to visually display program code, data and control flow.

Target Program -- The program which the user desires to view the execution of.

Execution Trace -- A record recording the events occuring during the execution of a Target Program. Can be used by the System to view the executions after the Target Program has finished.

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