Binah: Elaboration One - Iteration Plan


Iteration: Elaboration One, Ending 7 April 2003

Story (Use Case) To do (Ideal Hours)
Begin Execution of Target Program (Unassigned)
Select Interesting Classes (Unassigned)
View Acquisition or Release of Locks on Interesting Classes (Unassigned)

Rationale for the Selection of Use Cases for Elaboration One.

Three separate factors were considered in the selection of these Use Cases for Elaboration One: Coverage, Reduction of Risk, and Criticality. For this first Elaboration phase, Coverage is a primary goal, Risk Reduction a close second, and Criticality a teritary goal.

Clearly, a "start-up" use case is needed, for resonable Coverage, but primarily as a Critical use case to allow reaching the others. So Begin Execution of Target Program plays the role of the start-up use case.

To achieve reasonable coverage, a use case was needed that required non-trivial display of execution entities in a dynamic (ie, time-dependent) manner. View Acquisition or Release of Locks on Interesting Classes was selected as fulfilling this coverage need. As an added advantage, this use case requires mitigation of the remaining high priority risks.

In order to enable the View Acquisition... use case, the use case Select Interesting Classes was needed for logical consistency.

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